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March 6

Topic: The Effects Of Porn In Men w/ Alex Grendi and Apollonia Ponti

Hey guys! In this call, Apollonia is joined with Alex Grendi. Alex is a sex coach and he helps men in all aspects of sex when it comes to performance in the bedroom, connecting to your parter as well as sex addiction. In this call, Alex and Apollonia will talk about the effects of porn in men. There will be a LIVE Q&A towards the end of the call.

March 15
12 P.M EST

Topic: How To Cope With Divorce and How To Date Again w/ Cynthia

In today's call, Coach Cynthia will talk about how to cope/deal with divorce as well as how to date again or put yourself out there again. There will be a LIVE Q&A At the end of the call.

March 27

Topic: The Sneaky Red Flags To Look Out For In Women w/ Apollonia

In today's call, Apollonia will tell you all about the red flags to look out for in women that you might be missing on your dates! There will be a LIVE Q&A towards the end of the call.

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