Meet Your Coaches

Apollonia Ponti is a certified coach, speaker, and the #1 international dating and relationship expert in the world who specializes in coaching men in her own strategized healthy approach to dating and relationships. In less than 3 years Apollonia has amassed 90 Million Views on YouTube and 550,000+ subscribers while embracing the spotlight on major platforms such as Yahoo, Forbes, Entrepreneur, ABC, and many more!

Apollonia Ponti

Apollonia is the founder and an international dating and relationship coach over 3,000 men in 51+ countries and helps men master their attraction skills, understand how women think, healing from their past, empowerment, and self-development. She’s a licensed ICF certified coach, NLP practitioner, EFT therapy, but the best education has come from the client’s she’s coached. 

Coach Natalie

Coach Natalie is Apollonia’s head coach and has worked alongside Apollonia for years. She’s coached over 1,000 men internationally. Natalie has a bachelor’s in psychology and communication. She specializes in addiction, PTSD, trauma work, healing, attracting the woman you want, banter, flirting, and helping men understand how to get the girl they want. She’s witty, easy to talk to, ver motivating with a great sense of humor but not scared to be direct as she believes honesty is the best policy! 

Coach Cynthia

Cynthia is your ultimate wing woman! She’s worked alongside Apollonia for over a year now. She specializes in creating maximum attraction, rebuilding physical and emotional chemistry in your relationship or marriage. She’s great with online dating and identifying why you are not getting results! She also specializes in dating with autism or special needs and dating after divorce. You won’t go wrong with her compassionate, kind, patient heart! 

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